Exploring Computer Science and Multimedia

Exploring Computer Science is a curriculum that was developed are computer science content and computational practice. ECS is aligned with K-12 Computer Science Framework, CSTA Computer Science Standards and SD Technology Standards. Algebra 1 is a prerequiste for this course. The three themes are the creative nature of computing, technology as a tool for solving problems, the relevance of computer science and its impact on society.

The students will gain experience in the following computational practices: analyze the effect of developments in computing, design and implement creative solutions and artifacts, apply abrstractions and models, analyze their computation work and the work of others, communicate computational thought processes, procedures, and results to others and collaborate with peers on computing activities. The units included in the ECS curriculum include the following:  Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Web Design, Introduction to Programming, Computing and Data Analysis, and Robotics.

Multimedia class continues the content that is included in ECS. The courses work together well and are a blended mixture of technology skills and applications for the real world.

Exploring Computer Science   


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